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Var Suthra – The City of Shadows
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Var suthra is an old city, far to the east of Oustagna, and it always seems to be twilight there – not quite full dark, but never truly light, either. It is the home to the grand temple of the dead serpent god Ungu, known as the Coil of Ungu. It is also home to an unusual structure that seems to be perpetually covered by a rain of shadow, known to locals as the Eyrie. It has taken many forms during the city’s existence, and now resembles a large cathedral.

The city is ruled by a prince, and patrolled by a group of mercenaries who serve as the city guard, the Crimson Sashes. It is also the home to the Veiled League, the local thieves’ guild and a powerful force in a city as dark as this. It is also the home of strange beings known as the Keepers, odd beings who seem to change portions of the city at the whim of some deranged mind, but who are otherwise harmless.

Var Suthra is divided up into several areas:
Dust Quarter
Drowned Quarter
Plaza District
Fettered Ward
Temple District

Var Suthra

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