Dungeon World: Mischief Managed

Shadow Boxing

After resting up at the fancy and well-appointed Golden Dome establishment, the group awoke and headed downstairs to find an odd visitor in the common room – a halfling in the attire of an inquisitor, by the name of Torquemada. Given the group’s general proclivities towards, shall we say, less than legal activities, tempers flared and words were exchanged, but he was grudgingly allowed (after an exchange about who may or may not have taken his coinpurse) to follow after them as they headed to the university.

Buttercup, a former student of the university, led the way into the University of Oustagna. The magical campus was walled off, protected by gargoyles, but they group was allowed entry, and Buttercup acquired information on Professor Foleen from a favorite professor during his time at the school. Under the teacher’s direction, they found their way to their goal – the research tower of Professor Foleen.

The tower was guarded by magical golems, but some quick-thinking and wall-scaling on Serph’s part gained them entry, and they quickly found their way through the trapped entryways to the Professor’s laboratory – and the Professor herself. While reticent at first, the Professor proved very curious about Buttercup’s shadowless condition, and directed her towards the dark city of Var Suthra in the east. Despite her assistance, Torquemada felt sure that Foleen was hiding something, and after the others had left with their thanks, he attacked her – and was rebuffed, and driven from the tower. The information successfully gathered, the party broke up to celebrate their good fortune, many of them partying inot the night, though some, such as Aeyin, chose to spend their night more quietly.

The next morning, Oderus went to fulfill his celebrity duty at the venue of Bloodbath and Beyond, showing off his celebrated moves and giving the folk of Oustagna their autographs and celebrity sighting. He was confronted, however, by a rival, the dwarf Trollsmasher. With insults and curses, he roused the ire of Oderus, who challenged him to impromptu combat. A crowd formed, and the fight began; at first, it went poorly for Oderus, but Torquemada proved useful, distracting Trollsmasher for long enough to give Oderus his second wind – at which point he rallied and promptly knocked Trollsmasher senseless, taking his winnings – and his beard.

Information gathered and fight won, the group moved towards the exit of the city, to begin the long trip to Var Suthra.



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