Dungeon World: Mischief Managed

City of Shadows

The way to Var Suthra was long, taking several days on the back of Aeyin’s dragon form – though thankfully there were no intrusions by the elves of the Blur this time. The ground fell away, grassland turning to hinterland, hinterland to moors, and moor to swampland – and finally to Var Suthra, City of Shadows. A port city surrounded mostly by swampland, a long-disused trade road led to the city, which seemed to be caught in perpetual twilight; not quite night, but never truly day. Upon arrival, Aeyin, exhausted from pushing herself so far so fast, collapsed from exhaustion, while Buttercup, perhaps due to the close proximity to his shadow or its captors, simply fell into unconsciousness; Puck volunteered to watch them as the rest ventured into the city to find out more about their objective.

Following thief-sign into the Fettered Ward, the city’s entertainment district, Serph, Deynndrei, and Oderus found their way to a place with information – the unkempt inn called the Dangle and Chain. Meeting a contact from the city’s guild, the Veiled League, an exchange of information was made – about the goal of their quest, the Eyrie, and the nature of other things in the city. Shadowed things were said to emanate from the Eyrie, a dark cathedral shrouded in a rain of shadow, and only those who were said to have lost their shadows were said to venture inside – and of those, few came back out. The thief could say little more, but directed the trio to a temple of the storm god in the Temple Ward for more.

Saying their goodbye and pledging a mutual exchange, the trio headed off into the darkened streets towards the temple district, aware of the presence of the acolytes of the serpent god Ungu – the god might be dead, but his servants still followed his ways. As they neared their goal, they found tangible proof that they were on the right path – when they were separated from the other citizens and attacked in a side street by a pack of shadows. Despite a rough battle, the trio drove the shadows away, and stumbled towards the storm god’s temple, aware that even as they went on, their unconscious companions could be in danger…



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