Dungeon World: Mischief Managed

City of Shadows

The way to Var Suthra was long, taking several days on the back of Aeyin’s dragon form – though thankfully there were no intrusions by the elves of the Blur this time. The ground fell away, grassland turning to hinterland, hinterland to moors, and moor to swampland – and finally to Var Suthra, City of Shadows. A port city surrounded mostly by swampland, a long-disused trade road led to the city, which seemed to be caught in perpetual twilight; not quite night, but never truly day. Upon arrival, Aeyin, exhausted from pushing herself so far so fast, collapsed from exhaustion, while Buttercup, perhaps due to the close proximity to his shadow or its captors, simply fell into unconsciousness; Puck volunteered to watch them as the rest ventured into the city to find out more about their objective.

Following thief-sign into the Fettered Ward, the city’s entertainment district, Serph, Deynndrei, and Oderus found their way to a place with information – the unkempt inn called the Dangle and Chain. Meeting a contact from the city’s guild, the Veiled League, an exchange of information was made – about the goal of their quest, the Eyrie, and the nature of other things in the city. Shadowed things were said to emanate from the Eyrie, a dark cathedral shrouded in a rain of shadow, and only those who were said to have lost their shadows were said to venture inside – and of those, few came back out. The thief could say little more, but directed the trio to a temple of the storm god in the Temple Ward for more.

Saying their goodbye and pledging a mutual exchange, the trio headed off into the darkened streets towards the temple district, aware of the presence of the acolytes of the serpent god Ungu – the god might be dead, but his servants still followed his ways. As they neared their goal, they found tangible proof that they were on the right path – when they were separated from the other citizens and attacked in a side street by a pack of shadows. Despite a rough battle, the trio drove the shadows away, and stumbled towards the storm god’s temple, aware that even as they went on, their unconscious companions could be in danger…

Shadow Boxing

After resting up at the fancy and well-appointed Golden Dome establishment, the group awoke and headed downstairs to find an odd visitor in the common room – a halfling in the attire of an inquisitor, by the name of Torquemada. Given the group’s general proclivities towards, shall we say, less than legal activities, tempers flared and words were exchanged, but he was grudgingly allowed (after an exchange about who may or may not have taken his coinpurse) to follow after them as they headed to the university.

Buttercup, a former student of the university, led the way into the University of Oustagna. The magical campus was walled off, protected by gargoyles, but they group was allowed entry, and Buttercup acquired information on Professor Foleen from a favorite professor during his time at the school. Under the teacher’s direction, they found their way to their goal – the research tower of Professor Foleen.

The tower was guarded by magical golems, but some quick-thinking and wall-scaling on Serph’s part gained them entry, and they quickly found their way through the trapped entryways to the Professor’s laboratory – and the Professor herself. While reticent at first, the Professor proved very curious about Buttercup’s shadowless condition, and directed her towards the dark city of Var Suthra in the east. Despite her assistance, Torquemada felt sure that Foleen was hiding something, and after the others had left with their thanks, he attacked her – and was rebuffed, and driven from the tower. The information successfully gathered, the party broke up to celebrate their good fortune, many of them partying inot the night, though some, such as Aeyin, chose to spend their night more quietly.

The next morning, Oderus went to fulfill his celebrity duty at the venue of Bloodbath and Beyond, showing off his celebrated moves and giving the folk of Oustagna their autographs and celebrity sighting. He was confronted, however, by a rival, the dwarf Trollsmasher. With insults and curses, he roused the ire of Oderus, who challenged him to impromptu combat. A crowd formed, and the fight began; at first, it went poorly for Oderus, but Torquemada proved useful, distracting Trollsmasher for long enough to give Oderus his second wind – at which point he rallied and promptly knocked Trollsmasher senseless, taking his winnings – and his beard.

Information gathered and fight won, the group moved towards the exit of the city, to begin the long trip to Var Suthra.

Searching for Shadows

After having lost his shadow on the previous expedition, it was determined that the group, while waiting the reap the harvest of their ill-gotten drug gains, would help him to find a way to recover it. Ulsenna, with all her resources, had no information on how to restore a lost shadow, and Butercup, as the resident magician, could only think of the school where he had learned his magical talents, the University of Oustagna. With no other recourse, the group set off, and on the way, in a seedier part of the town of Antiono, Serph received information from a contact named Carlos that a specific teacher at the university – Professor Foleen – was well-versed in shadow magic, and had an illegitimate half-demon child that could be used as leverage. Oderus was offered the chance to fight the renowned Ben the Barber in an impromptu gladiatorial match for a fair sum, but deferred until later.

As they traveled on from Antiono, again on the back of Aeyin as an icedragon, they were set upon by a party of elves riding giant eagles – presumably Blur Elves seeking revenge for the loss of their product and the killing of several guards. Forced to the ground, the party fought the elves off, killing much of the opposing force save for the head arcanist, but the claws of giant eagles caused them to retreat into a nearby forest. As they traveled through the forest hastily, they stumbled across an ancient treant, who awoke from his sleep angrily. Just as he was about to pummel the party, though, Buttercup communed with the treant, who, still grumpy, demanded that the group plant a series of treant-acorns in forests they passed through – and offered them quick passage to Oustagna if they took a special acorn and planted it in the center of the greatest forest they could find. They agreed, and were quickly sent to Oustagna.

In Oustagna, the party rested and rearmed, having expended many materials fighting off the elven raiders; Oderus stopped by the famed armory Bloodbath & Beyond, and was again promised money – this time for his appearance in a hastily-arranged publicity event – to which he agreed. The party then took up lodging at the city’s most expensive lodgings, the Golden Dome. They agreed to head off in search of Professor Foleen after they rested up.

Magical MJ Mission
Oh, that pipeweed...

After a strange transformation (which Serph posited was due to a disastrous change in blood sugar level), Deynndrei was replaced by Ulsenna, who, it seems, is her alternate personality who only comes out every so often. Ulsenna is apparently the true daughter of privilege, even coming with a helpful man- (or is that elf-?) servant, Puck. After some discussion of what to do with their time, and some prompting from the mayor of Guidenmiche, Leogar, Serph put forth the idea that they should go steal (or ‘liberate’) a supply of the best pipeweed from the Blur Elves in their armed compound in the Knock-knee Mountains.

On the back of Aeyin the druid, shapechanged into an icedragon from the North, they traveled to the compound, and devised – sort of – a plan to get themselves in and get their product. Buttercup, wearing the beard of his former dwarf boyfriend and his new Ring of Beckoning Shadows, stepped through the shadows into the growing area of the Blur Elves, deep inside the compound – but in doing so, had his own shadow severed. Oderus the ogre and Serph the thief tried to distract the guards at one gate, while Ulsenna and Aeyin tried to bribe their way in. Things started to go wrong.

Buttercup, trapped by elven guards, took out the lights with magic. Oderus and Serph attacked the guards at the gate they were watching, as Ulsenna and Aeyin tried desperately to get in faster. As Oderus and Serph battled, Ulsenna and Aeyin rushed in to help get Buttercup out, and ended up facing down several guards. As they fought the guards outside the greenhouse, Buttercup fled, several plants in tow, until finally the group managed to break away from their various opponents and flee; they again rode Aeyin’s icedragon form away, this time fo the island that formed Ulsenna’s summer home, there to plant their ill-gotten goods and plan what to do next. And the elves of Blur took notice, and waited.

Doom of the Spider-Witch
The stragglers arrive!

As Oderus, Serph, and Deynndrei looked down the dark, greasy tunnel, seeing the baby-headed spiders and their larger, horse-sized spider guardians, two more managers of mischief appeared – Buttercup the bearded male elf wizard and Aeyin the druid, who seemed terribly confused as to how they got there – the perils of drinking dwarven liquor, children. Regardles, they joined the fight with aplomb; Oderus hurled the half-butchered pony into a pit, causing the baby-headed spiders to follow, while the party dealt with the three giant spiders. While one chased Serph, wishing to spider-hug its new friend, the others attacked, resulting in many missed arrows, spider bites, a mammoth appearing temporarily, and an uncomfortable situation with a dead giant spider on top of Oderus, who was himself atop Aeyin. Once the awkwardness dissipated, the group progressed on, into the sanctuary of Ungu – where the Spider-Witch waited.

Her guardians proved to be no match for the party, though Florimel’s terrible magics did wreak some havoc on the group, causing duplicates to appear and Oderus to be struck with a wasting disease, while a mishap on Buttercup’s part made reality a bit cranky around his spells. The Spider-Witch was no match for five intrepid adventurers, though, and in short order she was hurled into the sacrificial pit of Ungu – and had Ungu’s statue dropped on her, just in case. With the children resscued – if traumatized – the group returned triumphant to Guidenmiche, there to rest, recuperate, and plan for their next escapade.

The Temple of Ungu
The journey begins!

After having been employed by the citizens of the small town of Guidenmiche, our heroes found themselves at the gates of the Temple of Ungu, searching for the Spider-Witch Florimel and the children she had stolen. Breaking open the doors, Oderus and the others found that the outer area of the temple was inhabited with…goblins. Lots of goblins. Mostly women, children, and the elderly, though one of them fled towards their chieftain, who waited for the group with his warriors assembled. Deynndrei spoke to the chieftain, explaining their mission to assault the Spider-Witch, and the chieftain informed her of the giant spiders that lay further in, and the ornery goblin shaman who lived with his wargs across the way. He chuckled as they told him they just wanted to tackle the Spider-Witch, and as they passed into the barricaded room that led further into the temple, he locked the door behind them.

In the barricaded room, they found a half-butcher pony, clearly being fed through a breach int he barricade to placate the creatures on the other side. A decision was made to consult the goblin shaman to see if he could provide any magical assistance, though at least one member of the party felt this could only end badly. And, when the shaman revealed that he was in league with the Spider-Witch – and his wargs were hungry – end it did. For him that is. In a rough battle, Oderus, Serph, and Deynndrei killed the shaman and his pet wargs, Oderus cloaking himselves in their furs while Serph disarmed a trap and acquired a crude goblin pox grenade. Thus armed, they burst through the barricade to traverse further into the temple…


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