Dungeon World: Mischief Managed

The Temple of Ungu

The journey begins!

After having been employed by the citizens of the small town of Guidenmiche, our heroes found themselves at the gates of the Temple of Ungu, searching for the Spider-Witch Florimel and the children she had stolen. Breaking open the doors, Oderus and the others found that the outer area of the temple was inhabited with…goblins. Lots of goblins. Mostly women, children, and the elderly, though one of them fled towards their chieftain, who waited for the group with his warriors assembled. Deynndrei spoke to the chieftain, explaining their mission to assault the Spider-Witch, and the chieftain informed her of the giant spiders that lay further in, and the ornery goblin shaman who lived with his wargs across the way. He chuckled as they told him they just wanted to tackle the Spider-Witch, and as they passed into the barricaded room that led further into the temple, he locked the door behind them.

In the barricaded room, they found a half-butcher pony, clearly being fed through a breach int he barricade to placate the creatures on the other side. A decision was made to consult the goblin shaman to see if he could provide any magical assistance, though at least one member of the party felt this could only end badly. And, when the shaman revealed that he was in league with the Spider-Witch – and his wargs were hungry – end it did. For him that is. In a rough battle, Oderus, Serph, and Deynndrei killed the shaman and his pet wargs, Oderus cloaking himselves in their furs while Serph disarmed a trap and acquired a crude goblin pox grenade. Thus armed, they burst through the barricade to traverse further into the temple…



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