Dungeon World: Mischief Managed

Searching for Shadows

After having lost his shadow on the previous expedition, it was determined that the group, while waiting the reap the harvest of their ill-gotten drug gains, would help him to find a way to recover it. Ulsenna, with all her resources, had no information on how to restore a lost shadow, and Butercup, as the resident magician, could only think of the school where he had learned his magical talents, the University of Oustagna. With no other recourse, the group set off, and on the way, in a seedier part of the town of Antiono, Serph received information from a contact named Carlos that a specific teacher at the university – Professor Foleen – was well-versed in shadow magic, and had an illegitimate half-demon child that could be used as leverage. Oderus was offered the chance to fight the renowned Ben the Barber in an impromptu gladiatorial match for a fair sum, but deferred until later.

As they traveled on from Antiono, again on the back of Aeyin as an icedragon, they were set upon by a party of elves riding giant eagles – presumably Blur Elves seeking revenge for the loss of their product and the killing of several guards. Forced to the ground, the party fought the elves off, killing much of the opposing force save for the head arcanist, but the claws of giant eagles caused them to retreat into a nearby forest. As they traveled through the forest hastily, they stumbled across an ancient treant, who awoke from his sleep angrily. Just as he was about to pummel the party, though, Buttercup communed with the treant, who, still grumpy, demanded that the group plant a series of treant-acorns in forests they passed through – and offered them quick passage to Oustagna if they took a special acorn and planted it in the center of the greatest forest they could find. They agreed, and were quickly sent to Oustagna.

In Oustagna, the party rested and rearmed, having expended many materials fighting off the elven raiders; Oderus stopped by the famed armory Bloodbath & Beyond, and was again promised money – this time for his appearance in a hastily-arranged publicity event – to which he agreed. The party then took up lodging at the city’s most expensive lodgings, the Golden Dome. They agreed to head off in search of Professor Foleen after they rested up.



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