Dungeon World: Mischief Managed

Magical MJ Mission

Oh, that pipeweed...

After a strange transformation (which Serph posited was due to a disastrous change in blood sugar level), Deynndrei was replaced by Ulsenna, who, it seems, is her alternate personality who only comes out every so often. Ulsenna is apparently the true daughter of privilege, even coming with a helpful man- (or is that elf-?) servant, Puck. After some discussion of what to do with their time, and some prompting from the mayor of Guidenmiche, Leogar, Serph put forth the idea that they should go steal (or ‘liberate’) a supply of the best pipeweed from the Blur Elves in their armed compound in the Knock-knee Mountains.

On the back of Aeyin the druid, shapechanged into an icedragon from the North, they traveled to the compound, and devised – sort of – a plan to get themselves in and get their product. Buttercup, wearing the beard of his former dwarf boyfriend and his new Ring of Beckoning Shadows, stepped through the shadows into the growing area of the Blur Elves, deep inside the compound – but in doing so, had his own shadow severed. Oderus the ogre and Serph the thief tried to distract the guards at one gate, while Ulsenna and Aeyin tried to bribe their way in. Things started to go wrong.

Buttercup, trapped by elven guards, took out the lights with magic. Oderus and Serph attacked the guards at the gate they were watching, as Ulsenna and Aeyin tried desperately to get in faster. As Oderus and Serph battled, Ulsenna and Aeyin rushed in to help get Buttercup out, and ended up facing down several guards. As they fought the guards outside the greenhouse, Buttercup fled, several plants in tow, until finally the group managed to break away from their various opponents and flee; they again rode Aeyin’s icedragon form away, this time fo the island that formed Ulsenna’s summer home, there to plant their ill-gotten goods and plan what to do next. And the elves of Blur took notice, and waited.



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