Dungeon World: Mischief Managed

Doom of the Spider-Witch

The stragglers arrive!

As Oderus, Serph, and Deynndrei looked down the dark, greasy tunnel, seeing the baby-headed spiders and their larger, horse-sized spider guardians, two more managers of mischief appeared – Buttercup the bearded male elf wizard and Aeyin the druid, who seemed terribly confused as to how they got there – the perils of drinking dwarven liquor, children. Regardles, they joined the fight with aplomb; Oderus hurled the half-butchered pony into a pit, causing the baby-headed spiders to follow, while the party dealt with the three giant spiders. While one chased Serph, wishing to spider-hug its new friend, the others attacked, resulting in many missed arrows, spider bites, a mammoth appearing temporarily, and an uncomfortable situation with a dead giant spider on top of Oderus, who was himself atop Aeyin. Once the awkwardness dissipated, the group progressed on, into the sanctuary of Ungu – where the Spider-Witch waited.

Her guardians proved to be no match for the party, though Florimel’s terrible magics did wreak some havoc on the group, causing duplicates to appear and Oderus to be struck with a wasting disease, while a mishap on Buttercup’s part made reality a bit cranky around his spells. The Spider-Witch was no match for five intrepid adventurers, though, and in short order she was hurled into the sacrificial pit of Ungu – and had Ungu’s statue dropped on her, just in case. With the children resscued – if traumatized – the group returned triumphant to Guidenmiche, there to rest, recuperate, and plan for their next escapade.



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